Photography and AfternoonCoffee ?

Photography and AfternoonCoffee ?
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I only recently started posting on Instagram. In the earlier days of this particular social media, it was used as an alternative portfolio or a way to keep your followers up to date on your day to day photo musings. But as Instagram has grown – recently announcing it had grown to 500 million users (June 2016) – it has become, for some, an opportunity to work on commercial shoots where posting on their own Instagram feeds is part of the deal. Take a closer look at Chris Ozer’s account – he is clearly one of the most popular professional photographers on Instagram with a following of 658,000 people. He has posted to his feed during campaigns for Swiss Army, Stella Artois and Land’s End.

Here are a few hashtags to help get your photography noticed:


Instagood is a popular Instagram account that shares inspiring photos from the community. All you have to do is to use the #instagoodmyphoto tag with all your creative pictures that are relevant for their feed. Each month they choose a team of curators from the community, that will be in charge for the month’s picks. They’re listed in the account’s description that is visible to an audience of about 700k Instagram users, so it’s a pretty big deal to be selected by one of the curators.


JustGoShoot is a community of photographers that share their best work by using the #justgoshoot hashtag. They share artworks from really talented photographers. So you really need to have quality content to be considered. But there’s a huge community around this hashtag, so you’ll get exposure from using it even if you’re not featured on the JustGoShoot account.


Visualsoflife is the hashtag used by an entire global community, where people inspire each other trough creative artwork. If you use this hashtag on your travel, landscape or lifestyle photography, the team behind this popular Instagram account could choose your works to regram in front of an audience of 124k people.
Even if you are not among the lucky ones, using the hashtag #visualsoflife can get you enough exposure to grow your account.

And YES, I’ll continue to have my afternoon coffee and photos too !