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Tower Bridge Of Sacramento

As a kid growing up in the area, I remember the bridge was painted with a silver aluminum paint – but was given this new paint job in 2001. The Tower Bridge replaced the 1911 M Street Bridge in Sacramento, which was originally a “swing through-truss railroad bridge.” The bridge style represents a rare use of Streamline Moderne* architectural styling in a lift bridge, making it an outstanding expression of the social and architectural climate of the period of construction. The lift span towers were sheathed in steel to streamline its appearance. The American Institute of Steel Construction* gave the Tower Bridge an honorable mention for its Class B prize bridge award in 1935.
(* notes from Wikipedia)

Also a big part of the event is showcasing the local craft brewery scene here and the award-winning selection of local wineries nearby.



Plymouth, CA – A throwback to the Gold Rush days


Did you know there is a town named Plymouth here in California ? Well, since I’m still rediscovering my roots here in NorCal, I just got in the car and drove the 1 hour from my place. The trip was very slow paced and leisure as I had no real time schedule. Since retiring, that is one of the perks which I now take for granted. Stopping along the way just to look around at the rolling green pastures and take in all the sounds and scents was great therapy. I continue to learn about the colorful history of the area and put all the pieces together. Plymouth is also part of the Gold Rush history. Here is what Wikipedia has to say:

“Plymouth (formerly, Puckerville, Pokerville, and Poker Camp) is a city in Amador County, California, United States. The population was 1,005 at the 2010 census. The town was originally named Pokerville, when it was settled during the time of the Gold Rush. Plymouth is commonly now known as a “Gateway to Shenandoah Valley”; a popular wine producing region in the Sierra foothills. The Ione Band of Miwok Indians, a federally recognized tribe of Miwok people, is also headquartered in Plymouth. ” Well, definitely on my next trip I want to drop in on a few wineries.

Let’s Stay In Touch – I’d love to share my journey !

Farmer’s Markets In California’s Heartland

Farmer's Market Greens
Farmer’s Market Greens

Felt the need to deviate from “things Japan” for this post. The Farmer’s markets around Sacramento, CA here in California’s capital are many and so packed full of nearby farmers alongside early morning shoppers. So many of us have come by to meet friends, smell all the smells, have a cup of freshly brewed coffee and of course pay the best prices for local vegetables, fruit and much more. If you haven’t been to a Farmer’s market recently, make plans to get up early one day and feel the energy that is always present at one of these markets.

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Original designs _ Redbubble store
Original designs _ Redbubble store