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Farmer’s Markets In California’s Heartland

Farmer's Market Greens
Farmer’s Market Greens

Felt the need to deviate from “things Japan” for this post. The Farmer’s markets around Sacramento, CA here in California’s capital are many and so packed full of nearby farmers alongside early morning shoppers. So many of us have come by to meet friends, smell all the smells, have a cup of freshly brewed coffee and of course pay the best prices for local vegetables, fruit and much more. If you haven’t been to a Farmer’s market recently, make plans to get up early one day and feel the energy that is always present at one of these markets.

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Original designs _ Redbubble store
Original designs _ Redbubble store

GION – Traditional Kyoto Now

Traditional architecture, Gion
Traditional architecture, Gion

Gion is a traditional district stretching from the Kamo-gawa River in the west, as far as Yasaka-jinja Shrine in the east. In the 17th year of Kyoho (1732), Kyoto received official permission from the goverment to begin construction of the teahouse quarters, which is the present day Gion area.

Later, as Kabuki drama became popular on the Gion district’s western edges, more sophisticated forms of entertainment were developed for the theater-goers, and so today Gion is known as Kyoto’s most famous Geisha/Maiko district. Packed with bars, restaurants and traditional teahouses, Gion is at its most atmospheric in the early evening, when the lanterns are lit and apprentice Geisha, known as Maiko in Kyoto, can be seen along the back streets on their way to dinner appointments.

Kyoto Geisha, Sunday Afternoon
Kyoto Geisha, Sunday Afternoon

Day or night, there is a lot to see here including shrines, numerous cafes, temples and historic sites which all add to the Gion’s picturesque streets.

Let’s Stay In Touch – I’d love to share my journey !

“Under The Pier” Canvas Prints by Bryan W. Cole | Redbubble

Under The Pier - Santa Monica
Under The Pier – Santa Monica

Santa Monica is not known for the underside of the pier – but it is also very special. Take a mini-vacation and visit this iconic part of Los Angeles.

Santa Monica has three main shopping districts, Montana Avenue on the north side, the Downtown District in the city’s core, and Main Street on the south end. Each has its own unique feel and personality. Montana Avenue is a stretch of luxury boutique stores, restaurants, and small offices that generally features more upscale shopping. The Main Street district offers an eclectic mix of clothing, restaurants, and other specialty retail.

Under The Pier

The Downtown District is the home of the Third Street Promenade, a major outdoor pedestrian-only shopping district that stretches for three blocks between Wilshire Blvd. and Broadway (not the same Broadway in downtown and south Los Angeles).

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Source: “Under The Pier” Canvas Prints by Bryan W. Cole | Redbubble