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Almond Blossoms in Northern California

Almond blossoms and bees buzzing around collecting pollen _ these were the only things I was aware of this afternoon. Very peaceful and a time for reflection. I would venture to say that most people, outside this area, wouldn’t know the difference between the almond blossom, plum blossom or cherry blossom. Growing up in the area it seems to be a seventh sense we have and the tree’s shape, type of leaf and clustering of the blossoms, help us to identify the blossoms. It is such a peaceful site to see these rows and rows of blooming trees – virtually no people and only the sounds of chirping birds and bees buzzing around gathering pollen.

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Farmer’s Markets In California’s Heartland

Farmer's Market Greens
Farmer’s Market Greens

Felt the need to deviate from “things Japan” for this post. The Farmer’s markets around Sacramento, CA here in California’s capital are many and so packed full of nearby farmers alongside early morning shoppers. So many of us have come by to meet friends, smell all the smells, have a cup of freshly brewed coffee and of course pay the best prices for local vegetables, fruit and much more. If you haven’t been to a Farmer’s market recently, make plans to get up early one day and feel the energy that is always present at one of these markets.

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Original designs _ Redbubble store
Original designs _ Redbubble store

The Arts District – Pie & Coffee ?

The Pie Hole’s mission is simple: happiness one slice at a time. The Pie Hole’s original location is on Traction Avenue in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Their second location is in Pasadena on Colorado Blvd in the new ‘Indiana Colony’ artisans food and retail community. A great place to meet friends for pie and coffee and enjoy the moment. With pie offerings such as Mom’s Apple Crumble, Earl Grey Tea and Mexican Chocolate you really can’t go wrong. Their Earl Grey has something of a following in LA. The Pie Hole Espresso is described as “initially sweet on the lips with chocolate and cherry notes in the cup and a hint of citrus.” The syrupy body is delicious by itself or paired with your favorite milk. I recently tried their cold brewed iced coffee. The Pie Hole is now one of the only coffee brands in the country to offer cold brewed iced coffee served on tap using nitrogen. When nitrogen and coffee interact, a smoother, aerated coffee with a terrific creaminess is created. No bitterness at all !