Seasonal treats to welcome spring in Japan

Seasonal treats to welcome spring in Japan


Imperial sweetsThe Imperial Hotel is offering food just in time to celebrate children’s entrance to schools and enjoy during the cherry blossom viewing picnics. These goodies are available in the hotel’s gourmet shop, Gargantua.

Gargantua offers a special treat for children entering elementary school this spring with a cake in the shape of a randoseru school backpack for ¥864. The cakes come in two colors — pink and black. The pink one is strawberry mousse coated with sweet and sour strawberry jelly, while the black one is banana mousse covered by rich caramel mousse and chocolate icing. These are for sale until April 17.

Focaccia sandwiches (¥1,782) with fried shrimp or a pork fillet cutlet are must-haves for cherry blossom viewing. The shrimp sandwich contains crispy shrimp, cabbage, Worcestershire sauce and the hotel’s own tartar sauce. The other has a succulent tonkatsu pork fillet cutlet — from Berkshire pigs raised in Kagoshima Prefecture — tomato and tonkatsu sauce. The focaccia is handmade in the hotel bakery and the sandwiches are available until May 8.

The Imperial Hotel Tokyo is three minutes from Hibiya and Uchisaiwaicho stations, or five minutes from Ginza and Yurakucho stations. For more information, visit .

(Article featured in The Japan Times.)