Sunday in KoreaTown

Koreatown is one of those places I go to just enjoy a great cup of coffee in a very ethnic part of LA. The coffee shops are not so much about cookie cutter styles as they are about being unique and offering all the American coffees as well as the Korean comfort foods, new variations of coffee & tea fusion drinks they have created or that have come about. Very relaxing to read, people watch and photograph – in no particular order.

KoreaTown LA Faces

Los Angeles, California (CNN) “Have you been to Koreatown yet?” my friend asked eagerly over the phone. It was my third week as a resident of Los Angeles, and I could no longer claim the pure shock of moving to a city so sprawling, so overwhelming, as the reason I had yet to explore its most interesting neighborhoods. Follow the link below to hear what world-renowned chef, author and Emmy winning television personality Anthony Bourdain has to say about his visit to Los Angeles’ Koreatown. Koreatown insights by Anthony Bourdain

Hermosa Beach Pier


Although Pasadena is not near the beach, it really doesn’t take more than 30  mins to cross town and be at any number of beaches. One of my favorites is Hermosa Beach. It is a laid back community with nice restaurants, coffee shops and arts & crafts festivals on a seasonal basis.

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