New Sake Trends in the USA


Sake Trends
Sake Trends


AAfter attending a recent Japan Sake and Food Show here in California, one thing appears very clear and that is the increasing knowledge of Sake including their profile descriptions and food pairings. The line-up of Sake at most Japanese restaurants in the US is improving, and this includes covering a variety of prefectural regions where Sake is brewed and various grades.  And while most guests may prefer traditional types of Sake, there is a growing population of those who have the taste for something a bit more sweet, more like a cocktail.

In the Sake world, there is a new category of the sweeter types, Flavored Nigori and Sparkling Sake, which are catching on even among those who usually don’t drink sweet tasting Sake. It’s quite refreshing and goes well with various foods.

And since the word O-SAKE can actually mean all types of beer/wine/Sake, the show was attended by Japan’s top beer breweries, Sapporo and Asahi. Sapporo sampled their dark beer, Sapporo Premium Black which is crafted with roasted dark malts and a refined hop bitterness that is “complemented by a sweet, round fullness and distinct coffee and chocolate flavors.”

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