Arabica % Kyoto Coffee Shop

Arabica % Kyoto Coffee Shop

Arabica % Kyoto is a must visit while in Kyoto. A stone’s throw from Hokanji temple sits this coffee shop designed so well that is impossible to walk past – it really does just strike you. It fits in beautifully when you imagine what Kyoto is like.

When I was planning my recent trip to Kyoto, I kept reading about a coffee shop called Arabica. I couldn’t get through a suggested itinerary without hearing that you had to stop for a coffee at Arabica. So obviously, it was on my list of things to do our first afternoon in town.

Custom Slayer espresso machines are being operated by latte-art world champion/instagram sensation Junichi Yamaguchi (@junichi_yamaguchi). While we are here we lose count of the number of overseas travellers who have heard about this place and who are totally caught up with meeting Yamaguchi-san.

None of this success was accidental, or the result of an eye-catching design for the cups. Shoji was dedicated to creating the best coffee possible, so he borrowed money and bought a coffee farm in Hawaii. He also started trading green beans from around the world and became the sole-exporter of a Japanese roasting machine along with the distributor of one of the best espresso machines.

Lattes are the way to go here. Everyone’s buying beans as well, which are roasted (to the level you request) on the spot. Rest assured – they will advise you well and try to supply you with the type of coffee you are after.