Seasonal treats to welcome spring in Japan

Imperial sweets

  The Imperial Hotel is offering food just in time to celebrate children’s entrance to schools and enjoy during the cherry blossom viewing picnics. These goodies are available in the hotel’s gourmet shop, Gargantua. Gargantua offers a special treat for children entering elementary school this spring with a cake in the shape of a randoseru school backpack […]

Jameson Brown Coffee – A great place for that morning cup

Exceptionally brewed

Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters An incredible place for your morning coffee. Nice atmosphere with brick walls/fireplace and open coffee kitchen. The roastery just beyond the prep area smells devine. They are always roasting a variety of beans, from African Tanzania Peaberry Kilimanjaro to Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling. Their Lavender Latte hits the spot and oh so creamy. Take […]